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    Англоязычные доклады конференции опубликованы в журнале "Materials Science Forum", vol. 989, 2020 (посмотреть на сайте издательства). Все статьи проиндексированы в наукометрической базе Scopus.

    Русскоязычные доклады конференции опубликованы в журнале "Машиностроение: сетевой электронный научный журнал", №3 и №4, 2019 и №1, 2020 (посмотреть на сайте издательства). Все статьи проиндексированы в наукометрической базе РИНЦ.

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада
    Пленарные доклады
    1С.Е. Александров
    Формирование поверхностного слоя в процессах обработки металлов давлением
    Секция 1. Материаловедение и физикохимия материалов
    1_1_2O.V. Samoilova, L.A. Makrovets
    Thermodynamic Modeling of Phase Equilibria in the FeO–MgO–Al2O3 System
    1_1_3Gulgena D. Shakirova, Natalia V. Romanova, Lenar N. Shafigullin
    The Influence of Heat Treatment on the Quality of Vehicle Component Parts Made of Rigid Polyurethane Foam
    1_1_4Lyudmila G. Kolyada, Elena V. Tarasyuk and Anton P. Ponomarev
    The Research of Service Characteristics of Up-To-Date Packaging Material for Metal Products
    1_1_5Gulgena D. Shakirova, Natalia V. Romanova and Lenar N. Shafigullin
    Failure Analysis of the Propylene Parts Used in Trucks
    1_1_6O.A. Nasibullina, R.G. Rizvanov
    Studying of Causes of Destruction of the Main Gas Pipeline
    1_1_8V.R. Baraz, S.X. Estemirova, E.A. Ishina
    The Microstructural Peculiarities of Beryllium Bronze after Heat Treatment
    1_1_9Коломин В. М., Рыбкин В. Н.
    Опыт исследований по разработке диэлектрических резонаторов в системе оксидов Ba–Mg–Ta
    1_1_10A.R.Barashev,O.A.Chikova, G.A.Tkachuk
    Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of the Alloy Mg61Cu28Gd11 in Submicrovolumes
    1_1_11G.A. Tkachuk, V.A. Maltsev, O.A. Chikova
    Examining of Solid and Liquid Industrial Copper Blanks with Purpose for Quality Control in Respect of Defects of Technological Origin
    1_1_12A.K. Kairakbaev, Ye. S. Abdrakhimova and V.Z. Abdrakhimov
    Use of Nonferrous Metallurgy Waste: Clayey Portion of the Zircon-Ilmenite Ore Gravity Tailings and Pyrite Cinders in Tile-Making
    1_1_13A.K. Kairakbaev, Ye. S. Abdrakhimova and V.Z. Abdrakhimov
    Innovative Approaches to Using Kazakhstan’s Industrial Ferrous and Nonferrous Tailings in the Production of Ceramic Materials
    1_1_14V.I. Astashchenko, T.V. Shveyova, A.I. Shveyov
    The Properties of Steel 42HMFA after Hardening and Toughening
    1_1_17S.K. Fedorov, A.P. Yakovleva, Yu.K. Perepelkin
    Controlling the Properties of the Surface Layers of Parts by Forming Regular Micro-reliefs
    1_1_18G.D. Bairova and A.A. Mirzoev
    Short-Range Order in Fe–Cr Alloys: Lattice Monte Carlo Modelling
    1_1_19Yu.B. Egorova, L.V. Davydenko, I.M. Mamonov
    The Study of the Complex Mechanical Properties of Rolled Bars of VT6 Alloy as a Function of Chemical Composition and Structure Type
    1_1_20Evgeniy V. Ageev, Anton S. Pereverzev, Sergey V. Khardikov
    A Study of Porosity of Products Sintered from BrS30 Alloy Electro-Erosion Powders
    1_1_21Viacheslav Eremyashev, Leyla Osipova and Ilya Shenderovich
    The Effects of Alkaline Earth Metals on the Structure of Sodium Borosilicate Glasses: 11B and 29Si NMR Study
    1_1_22S.S. Vinogradova, Ye.V. Pleshkova
    Staged Local Dissolution of Stainless Steel in Chloride Solutions
    1_1_23V.N. Pustovoit, Yu.V. Dolgachev, L.P. Arefeva
    Changes in the Structure of Steel during Quenching in a Magnetic Field
    1_1_24Irina Lebedeva, Tatiana Lonzinger and Vadim Skotnikov
    Study of Sorption of Manganese (II) Cations by Composite Sorbent
    1_1_25Irina D. Zakiryanova, Elena V. Nikolaeva, Iraida V. Korzun
    The Solubility of Gd2O3 in K Cl–GdCl3 Melts
    1_1_27Ivan N. Egorov, Nikolay Ya. Egorov and Viktor P. Kryzhanovsky
    Kinetics of Structural Changes in Strontium Hexa-ferrite Powder during Milling in Beater Mill
    1_1_28A.N. Bolotov, V.V. Novikov and O.O. Novikova
    The Influence of a Magnetic Field on Skin Effects Lubricated by Magnetic Lubricants
    1_1_29Y.N. Loginov, S.I. Stepanov, G.Z. Mukanov
    Finite Element Simulation of Cellular Structure Built from Orthogonal Cylindrical Struts
    1_1_30Tatiana M. Lonzinger, Vadim A. Skotnikov and Alexey M. Sukharev
    Study of the Process of Heavy Metals Cations Mineralization by Poly-сomponent Structures Based on Calcium and Magnesium Silicates
    1_1_31Yu.D. Koryagin, S.I. Ilin, N.A. Shaburov
    Stability of Strength Characteristics of Hardened by Deformation AMg6 Alloy during High-Speed Heating
    1_1_32N.А. Shaburova , E.V. Litvinova, R.R. Naraeva
    Model of Electro-Pulse Processing of Metals Melts
    1_1_35Федоров С.К., Зарипов В.Н., иванова Ю.С.
    Повышение износостойкости резьбы переводников бурильных колонн финишной электромеханической поверхностной закалкой
    1_1_36A.B. Golovanchikov, N. A. Merentsov, M. V. Topilin
    Packing Mass Transfer Contact Elements for Pulsed Liquid Extraction
    1_1_37Yuriy Velyaev, Dmitry Maiorov and Ilona Kometiani
    Research on Obtaining Silica Xerogels from Nepheline and Study of some of their Physical and Chemical Properties
    1_1_38Oleg V. Kudryakov, Valery N. Varavka, Igor S. Morozkin
    Patterns of Fracture Initiation in Metallic Materials with a Heterogeneous Structure under Dynamic Cyclic Loading
    1_1_40Nadezhda T. Kareva, Djomi T. Chungakov, Nikita A. Zavartsev
    The Research of Heat-Resistant Layer Defects Formed during the Surfacing of Nickel Alloy on the Exhaust Valve Chamfer
    1_1_41F.V. Vodolazskiy, N.A. Barannikova and A.G. Illarionov
    Structure, Texture and Mechanical Properties through the Section of the Hot-Extruded Tube of Titanium Alloy PT-1M
    1_1_42Andrey V. Brover, Galina I. Brover
    The Morphology of Carbide and Nitride Coatings on Steels after Laser Irradiation
    1_1_43Лебедева и.А., Лонзингер Т.М., Скотников В.А.
    исследование сорбции катионов марганца (II) композиционным сорбентом
    1_1_44Alexander N. Maznichevsky, Radii V. Sprikut, Yuri N. Goikhenberg
    Investigation of Nitrogen Containing Austenitic Stainless Steel
    1_1_45Козеева О.О., Чухраев и.В., Дерюгина Е.О.
    Моделирование окраски органических соединений
    1_1_46Nikolai N. Nikulchenkov, Konstantin Ye. Cherepanov, Mikhail L. Lobanov
    Thermo-physical Parameters Determination of Nano-crystalline Fe72.5Cu1Nb2Mo1.5Si14B9 Alloy for Twisted Magnetic Cores Heat Treatment Optimization
    1_1_47A.M. Morzhukhin, D.S. Testov, S.V. Morzhukhina
    Selection Principles and Investigation of Substances for Synthesis of Composite Medium-Temperature Phase Change Materials for Space Heating and Domestic Hot Water
    1_1_48G.G. Mikhailov , L.A. Makrovets, O.V. Samoilova
    Thermodynamic Modeling of Phase Equilibria in the Fe O–Al2O3–Cr2O3 and Mg O–Al2O3–Cr2O3 Systems
    1_1_50Fedor A. Zagumennov, Vladimir G. Merzlikin and Alexander A. Dementev
    Influence of the Radiant and Convective Phase Oscillations on Subsurface Overheating in Semitransparent Materials
    1_1_51A.S. Kuzmina, M.Yu. Kuzmina and M.P. Kuzmin
    Morphology of ZnO Films Fabricated by Electrochemical Oxidation of Metallic Zn
    1_1_52A.S. Kuzmina, M.P. Kuzmin
    High-temperature Ferromagnetism of Zn1-xMnxOy Thin Films Synthesized by Pulsed Laser Deposition
    1_1_53Alexander A. Khlybov, Yury G. Kabaldin and Maksim S. Anosov
    Effect of the Lattice Parameter on Brittle Fracture of Metals at Low Temperatures
    1_1_54O.Yu. Sheshukov, I.V. Nekrasov and D.K. Egiazaryan
    Features of Tri-calcium Silicate Formation Suppression by Sulphur and Possible Ways of its Preventing
    1_1_55O.Yu. Sheshukov, M.A. Mikheenkov and D.K. Egiazaryan
    Features of Zinc Extraction from Sulfide Forms
    1_1_56Gennady V. Barsukov, Tatiana A. Zhuravleva, Olga G. Kozhus
    The Research and Simulation (Modelling) of the Destruction of a Single Abrasive Particle during Waterjet Cutting
    1_1_58Tarasova T.V., Belashova I.S., Kuzmin S.D., Egorov S.A.
    Features of Laser Treatment of Corrosion-Resistant Steels of Austenitic and Carbide Classes
    1_1_59Alexey Yu. Rodichev, Andrei V. Gorin, Maria A. Tokmakova
    Study of the Adhesion Strength of the Coating with Different Coating Methods to the Surface of Parts of «Shaft» Type
    1_1_60Margarita A. Goncharova, Irina A. Tkacheva, Maxim G. Zagorulko
    The Identification of the Mineralogical Composition of Converter Slags on the Basis of Testing and Diagnostics
    1_1_61I.A. Pavlova, А.S. Kiyko and E.P. Farafontova
    Effect of Chemical Composition of Glassy Phase of Porcelain Stoneware on Product Brittleness
    1_1_62Erkezhan E. Tabieva, Laila G. Zhurerova, Daryn Baizhan
    Influence of Electrolyte-Plasma Hardening Technological Parameters on the Structure and Properties of Banding Steel 2
    1_1_63V.I. Ladyanov, N.E. Skryabina and O.M. Kanunnikova
    Effect of Hydrogen Absorption on the Composition of the Amorphous Alloys Surface Layers
    1_1_64V.V. Aksenova, O.M. Kanunnikova, and I.N. Burnyshev
    Thermal Decomposition of Mechanoactivated Nanostructured Titani-um Carbo-hydrides Powders
    1_1_65Alexey Stolbovsky, Svetlana Murzinova, Vita Vyatchina
    Investigation of CaSO4-KPO3-Na2B4O7 System as a Basis for Synthesis of Low-Melting Glasses Used as a Glass-Solder Material
    1_1_67Alexey Stolbovsky
    Statistical Analysis of Grain Structures Formed by Solid-State Diffusion at Annealing
    1_1_70Lyudmila Ryabicheva, Valery Dyadichev, Yu.N. Nikitin and Aleksandr Dyadichev
    The Influence of Temperature and Deformation Ratio on Structure Formation and Physico-mechanical Properties of Powder Materials
    1_1_71M.V. Maisuradze, M.A. Ryzhkov
    Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Catalytic Gas Carburization of Steel
    1_1_72G.V. Pachurin, А.А. Fillipov, M.V. Mukhina
    Rolled Stock Structure Preparation for Cold Forging of Pearlite Steel Grades
    1_1_73Ekaterina Gerasimova, Kamila Masharipova
    Regulation of the Properties of Construction Composites Depending on the Material Composition
    1_1_75H.L. Alwan, Yu. S. Korobov, N.N. Soboleva
    Cavitation Erosion–Corrosion Behavior of Fe-Cr Steel Induced by Ultrasonic Vibration
    1_1_76Зайцева О.В., Живулин Д.Е., Галкина Д.П.
    Экспериментальное получение поликомпонентных кристаллов со структурой гексаферрита М-типа
    1_1_77E.N. Safonov, M.V. Mironova
    Surface Electric Arc Hardening of Low-carbon Steels
    1_1_78Mikhail V. Maisuradze, Maxim A. Ryzhkov
    Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of the Heat Treated HY-TUF Steel
    1_1_79Irina Pavlova, Maria Sapozhnikova and Elena Farafontova
    The Effect of Manganese-Containing Pigment on the Strength of Ceramic Bricks
    1_1_80P.L. Reznik, B.V. Ovsyannikov
    Influence of Homogenization Heat Treatment and Cooling Modes on Microstructure of AA7475 Aluminum Alloy Ingot
    1_1_84O.V. Zaitseva, V.E. Zhivulin and D.E. Zhivulin
    The Creation of Multicomponent Octahedral Crystals with Spinel Structure Using Solid-Phase Synthesis in the Al2O3–BaO–CuO–Fe2O3–Mn2O3–NiO–SrO–TiO2–ZnO and Al2O3–BaO–CuO–Fe2O3–NiO–SrO–TiO2–WO3–ZnO Systems
    1_1_85A.I. Gomzin, R.F. Gallyamova, N.G. Zaripov, S.N. Galyshev and F.F. Musin
    The Chemical Reactivity Comparison of High-Modulus and High-Strength Carbon Fibers
    1_1_86Yulia Bakhracheva
    Prediction of Fracture Toughness of Steels According to the Microstructure and Chemical Composition /td>
    1_1_87Klygach D.S., M.G. Vakhitov and Zhivulin V.E.
    Studies of the electrodynamic parameters of a powdered material depending on the fractional composition in the frequency range of 8-12 GHz
    1_1_88Zh.A. Sapronova, S.V. Sverguzova
    Peculiar Properties of Temperature Modification of Carbonate Precipitate
    Секция 2. Теория и технология пирометаллургических процессов
    1_2_1A.S. Bilgenov, P.A. Gamov, A.R. Tabylbaeva
    Metallographic Estimation of the Number of Forming Metallic Particles Obtained during Direct and Indirect Reduction of Metals from Complex Oxides
    1_2_2B.M. Myrzaliev, K.А. Nogaeva and E.B. Kolmachikhina
    The Metallurgical Characterization of Iron-Containing Concentrate
    1_2_3Vlasta D. Tutarova, Aleksey N. Shapovalov, Alexander N. Kalitaev
    Objective Laws of Nitrogen Removal in the Vacuum Tank Degasser
    1_2_4Aleksander A. Lykasov, Grigoriy M. Ryss and Dmitrij A. Ponomarev
    Removal of Copper from the Sulphide Copper Smelting Waste Slag
    1_2_5Nina V. Nemchinova, Andrey A. Tyutrin, Sergei N. Fedorov
    Mathematical Modeling оf the Silicon Production Process from Pelletized Charge
    1_2_6Aleksey N. Shapovalov, Roman R. Dema, Sergey P. Nefedev
    Improving the Efficiency of Steel De-oxidation at the Ural Steel
    1_2_7K.Y. Malzev, O.B. Kolmachikhina, S.E. Polygalov
    Research for the Processing of Stale Slag from the Ural Region by the Pyro-metallurgical Method
    1_2_8Alexander M. Stolyarov, Marina V. Potapova, Michail G. Potapov
    Non-Metallic Impurities in Continuous Cast Billets
    1_2_9Vachit A.Bigeev, Marina V.Potapova, Michail G.Potapov
    Technological Assessment of Metal Charge Re-structurization Results Achieved in Steel Making Units
    1_2_10Boris Yurev, Vladimir Goltsev, Vyacheslav Dudko
    Research on Siderite Ore Reducing Firing
    1_2_11Boris Yurev, Vyacheslav Dudko, Elena Korelina
    Optimization of Siderite Ore Sintering Operation Conditions
    1_2_12Бурцев В.Т., Анучкин С.Н., Самохин А.В.
    Взаимодействие экзогенных тугоплавких оксидных наночастиц с оловом в расплавах железа при PHe+10%H2=0,2 МПа
    1_2_13A.G. Ryazanov, А.V. Senin and N.A. Kornilov
    The Effect of Temperature and Roasting Time on the Conversion of Zinc Ferrite to Zinc Oxide in the Electric Arc Furnace Dust
    1_2_14Gennadiy V. Tyagunov, Evgeniy E. Baryshev and Kseniya Yu. Shmakova
    Technologies Development for Thermo-Temporal Melt Processing in order to Improve the Quality of Metal Products
    1_2_15E.N. Selivanov, K.V. Pikulin, R.I. Gulyaeva and L.I. Galkova
    Kinetics of the Natural Wolframite Interaction with Sodium and Potassium Carbonates
    1_2_16Pavel Grudinsky, Ekaterina Podjelnikova and Valery Dyubanov
    Study of Sulphatizing Roasting Process Using Iron Sulphates for the Treatment of Zinc Leach Residue
    1_2_18A. V. Nikanorov
    Silver-Containing Concentrate Processing
    1_2_19E.N. Selivanov, S.V. Sergeeva, R.I. Gulyaeva
    Thermal Properties of High-Magnesia Oxidized Nickel Ore
    1_2_20N. M. Vostrikova, E. D. Kravtsova, Y. V.Vostrikova
    Analysis of the Engineering Process of Reforming Dead Catalysts for the Extraction of Platinum Group Metals
    1_2_21L.S. Molchanov, B.M. Boichenko and Ye.V. Synehin
    Resource Saving Design of High Resistible Lining of a Teeming Ladle
    1_2_22Evgeniy B. Agapitov, Marina A. Lemeshko and Margarita S. Sokolova
    Prospects for the Use of Hollow Electrodes for Deep Desulfurization of Steel in the Ladle-Furnace Unit
    1_2_24German V. Voronov, Ilya V. Glukhov
    Single Pellet Heating in Natural Gas Combustion Products in Mixture with Air and Oxygen
    1_2_25German V. Voronov, Ilya V. Glukhov
    Specific Features of Thermal Performance of the Arc Steel Furnace in Unstable Properties Conditions of Burden Materials
    1_2_26Ivan D. Kascheev, Vladimir I. Zhuchkov, Oleg V. Zayakin
    Forming and Utilizing Ferrochromium Production Waste
    1_2_27Dmitry Zinoveev, Valery Dyubanov and Leonid Delitsyn
    Reduction Smelting of Iron-Manganese-Ree Ores of the Tomtor Deposit
    1_2_29Sergei S. Belskii, Nina V. Nemchinova
    Thermodynamic Model of Silicon Smelting in Ore-Smelting Furnaces
    1_2_30V.A. Salina, V.I. Zhuchkov, O.V. Zayakin
    A Study of Nickel and Iron Reduction Silicothermic Process by Thermodynamic Simulation
    Секция 3. Теория и технология гидрометаллургических процессов
    1_3_1Almaz Kozhonov, Kulgamal Nogaeva and Aleksei Kritskii
    Studies on Hydrometallurgical Treatment of Oxydized Gold-Bearing Copper Ore
    1_3_3R.E. Rusalev, D.A. Rogozhnikov, A.A. Koblik
    Optimization of Alkaline Sulfide Leaching of Gold-Antimony Concentrates
    1_3_5O.M. Kanunnikova, V. V. Aksenova and G.A. Dorofeev
    Mechanochemical Processes in the System Titanium – Heptane during Ball Milling
    1_3_7Naumov K.D., Lobanov V.G.
    Gold cementation by dendritic zinc powders in percolation mode
    1_3_8O.Yu. Makovskaia, A.P. Shevchuk, Y.V. Anikin
    Perspective Method for Regeneration of Spent Solutions from Printed Circuit Boards Etching
    1_3_10Aleksandr Bulaev, Vitaliy Melamud
    Selective Acid Leaching of Copper and Zinc from Old Flotation Tailings
    1_3_11Ashimkhan Kanayev, Khussain Valiyev, Aleksandr Bulaev
    Uranium Bioleaching from Low Grade Ore
    1_3_12R.E. Khabibulina, V.G. Lobanov, K.D. Naumov
    Fine Gold Extraction Problem from Industrial Sludge
    Секция 4. Современные проблемы литейного производства
    1_4_1A.Yu. Korotchenko, D.E. Khilkov, A.A. Khilkova and M.V. Tverskoy
    Improving the Quality of Production of Sand Core on Core Shooting Machines
    1_4_2O.A. Zarubina, A.Y. Korotchenko, A.M. Zarubin
    Assessment of Mold Filling Rate Influence on Amount of Oxide Films in Castings by Numerical Simulation
    1_4_3I.E. Illarionov, T.R. Gilmanshina, A.A. Kovaleva
    Structural Changes in the Aluminum - Magnesium System Alloy
    1_4_4T.R. Gilmanshina, G.A. Koroleva, S.I. Lytkina
    Development of Cryptocrystalline Graphite Desulfurization Methods
    1_4_6Viktor A. Kukartsev, Vladislav V. Kukartsev, Vadim S. Tynchenko
    Production Technology of Synthetic Iron to Ensure the Efficiency of Casting Production
    Секция 5. Обработка материалов давлением
    1_5_1O.H. Kurpe, V.V. Kukhar, E.S. Klimov, S.M. Chernenko
    Improvement of Process Parameters Calculation for Coil Rolling at the Steckel Mill
    1_5_2Aleksey Antimonov, Nadezhda Pushkareva
    Rotary Coating Line for Radiator Tubes
    1_5_3E.G. Demyanenko, I.P. Ророv
    Investigation into the Flanging Process with Minimal Thickness Variation
    1_5_4Vyacheslav A. Golenkov, Daniil O. Dorohov, Sergey Y. Radchenko
    The Numerical Mathematical Modeling of Gradient Hardening Processes under Conditions of Complex Local Loading of the Center of Deformation
    1_5_5Шабашов А.А.
    Особенности получения нановолокон из сплава титана для нейрохирургии и офтальмологии
    1_5_6Шварц Д. Л., Михайленко А. М., Устинова Е. и.
    Оптимизация калибровок валков для прокатки фланцевых профилей. Пространство калибров
    1_5_7Vladimir N. Shinkin
    Approximate Solution of Equation of Elastic Flexible Steel Rod at Large Inclination Angles
    1_5_8Vladimir N. Shinkin
    Residual Stresses of Round Steel Rod at Elastoplastic Twisting
    1_5_9Danil L. Shvarts, Sergey O. Nepryakhin
    Mechanics of the H-Beam Rolling in the Universal Beam Groove
    1_5_10Nikolay N. Ogarkov, Elena Yu. Zvyagina and Lyudmila I. Antropova
    Shot Blasting Process Schematization for Rollers Using Slip-Line Method
    1_5_11Aleksey Antimonov, Nadezhda Pushkareva
    Rolls Geometry Calculating Mathematical Model for Rotational Bar Surface Drawing
    1_5_12Denis R. Salikhyanov
    Role of Surface Roughness in the Interlayer Boundary Formation during Manufacturing of Clad Metal Composites
    1_5_13Vladimir Belevitin, Yevgen Smyrnov, Vitalii Skliar
    Forecasting Increase of Quality of Large-Sized Forgings Used for Stamping, Piercing, and Rolling of High-Duty Products
    1_5_14Yevgen Smyrnov, Vitalii Skliar, Aleksei Gorozhankin
    Investigation of Plastic Properties of d8 Rod Made of Fire-Refined Copper of Kmor Grade
    1_5_15Mikhail Erpalov, Dmitry Pavlov
    The Ways of Reaching the Specified Mode of Testing Samples for Torsion with Variable Strain Rate
    1_5_16Leonid I. Polyansky, Nikolai A. Babailov and Yuri N.Loginov
    The Optimal Content of Liquid Glass in the Raw Material Mixtures in the Briquettes Production
    1_5_17Dmitrii Konstantinov, Boris Zaritskiy and Denis Pustovoytov
    Computer Simulation of Micro-mechanic in Pearlitic Steel Wire Drawing
    1_5_18Dmitrii Konstantinov, Dinara Emaleeva and Alexander Pesin
    Application of Statistical Representation of Microstructure during Simulation of Ferritic-Pearlitic Steel Wire Drawing
    1_5_20Kinzin D.I., Nazarov D.A. and Rozhkov G.K.
    К вопросу энергоэффективности калибровки валков сортовых профилей
    1_5_21Mikhail Erpalov, Danis Nukhov
    The Influence of Hardening Curve on the Shape and Size of the Neck of Specimen in Tensile Test
    1_5_22Deryabin Nikita, Chernyshev Sergey and Veselkov Sergey
    Experience of hot pack rolling application for production of specific steels or creep resistant alloys
    1_5_30L.A. Barkov, M.N. Samodurova and O.A. Nevraeva
    Kinematic and dynamic conditions in metal rolling of porous materials
    1_5_31М.A. Sosedkova, A.S. Grigorenko, L.V. Radionova, T.A. Lisovskaia and V.D. Lezin
    Mathematical Model of Temperature Conditions of Sheet Mills with Furnace Coilers
    1_5_40Фаизов С.Р., Радионова Л.В., Сарафанов А.Е.
    Ресурсосберегающая технология производства проволочного припоя ПОИн-52
    1_5_41Сарафанов А.Е., Ибрагимов А.
    Проектирование волочильного инструмента для производства титановой проволоки
    1_5_42Сарафанов А.Е.
    Технология производства фасонного профиля для пластиковых окон
    1_5_42Григоренко А.С, Соседкова М.А.
    Математическая модель температурных режимов листовых станов с печными моталками
    1_5_43Торгонин К.
    Моделирование операций обработки давлением при производстве штампосварных деталей трубопровода
    1_5_44Баталов Г.
    Разработка новых способов производства двухшовных труб большого диаметра
    1_5_45Соколов Д.
    Внедрение модернизированного узла подачи дезодорирующего материала на установке “Bemers” с целью увеличения стойкости оправок стана PQF
    1_5_46Ахмеров Д.А.
    Исследование формирования концевых участников труб при редуцировании
    1_5_47Перевозчиков Д.
    Проблемы моделирования величины зерна горячекатаных труб
    1_5_48AL-KHUZAIE AHMED SALEEM OLEIWI, Широков В.В., Выдрин А.В.
    Разработка модели сопротивления пластической деформации трубной стали в широком диапазоне температур
    Секция 6. Теория и технология сварочного производства
    1_6_1Сидоров В.П., Советкин Д.Э., Мельзитдинова А.В.
    Расчет температур в алюминиевой пластине по диаметрам расплавленных точек
    1_6_2Sergey Kuryntsev, Dmitry Kolesnikov, Mikhail Vulpe
    Investigation of the Effect of Welding Heat Input and Focal Distance of Laser Beam on Penetration Depth and Dynamics of Welding Pool Using a High-Speed Video Camera
    1_6_3V.I. Kuzmin, V.I. Lysak, E.V. Kuzmin
    Regularities in Bimetal Joint Formation at Explosion Welding with Simultaneous Stamping /td>
    1_6_4A.V. Matushkin, S.V. Anakhov, Yu.A. Pyckin
    Study of the Processes of High Temperature Material Heating for Plasma Recycling
    1_6_5Mikheev Vladimir, Demidova Marina, Roberto de Alvarenga, Zarembo Victor
    Research the effect of stress-pulse regulation on the process of manual arc welding technological plates made of AMg6 alloy sheet material 4 mm thickness
    1_6_6I.Yu. Matushkina,S.V. Anakhov, Yu.A. Pyckin
    Effect of the Gas-Vortex Stabilization Method on the Plasma Cutting Quality
    1_6_7Marat R. Fatkullin, Ayrat M. Fairushin, Rif G. Rizvanov
    Development of Technology for Welding Repair of Steel Housings Us-ing a Combination of Ultrasonic Vibrations and Forced Cooling
    1_6_8S.V. Nescoromniy, E.L. Strizhakov, V.G. Vinogradov
    Analysis of the Formation of Welded Joints from Non-Ferrous Alloy
    1_6_9Виноградов В.Г., Стрижаков Е.Л., Нескоромный С.В.
    Получение соединений разнородных материалов электроимпульсной сваркой – прессованием
    1_6_10Ngo Gia Viet
    The Selection of Parameters for Automatic Welding of the Nuclear Reactors Pipelines
    1_6_11Ngo Gia Viet
    Automated Orbital Welding of Carbon and Low-Alloy Steels Pipelines with Small Diameter
    Секция 7. Аддитивные технологии
    1_7_3Sergey V. Gladkovsky, Denis R. Salikhyanov, Vladimir P. Volkov, Yurij A. Avraamov and Valeriya E. Veselova
    Rheological Properties and Microstructure of PH1 Stainless Steel Produced by Selective Laser Melting
    1_7_4P.A. Podrabinnik, C.E. Protasov and A.V. Gusarov
    Studying Gas-Phase Flows in the Laser Exposure Zone during Selective Laser Melting
    1_7_5R.S. Khmyrov, R.R. Ableyeva, T.V. Tarasova, A.V. Gusarov
    Influence of the Powder Particle Size on the Denudated Zone Width at Selective Laser Melting
    1_7_6Свинарев М.Д. Чиченев Н.А.
    Применение аддитивных технологий в прототипировании элементов бинокуляра
    1_7_7Svetlana Perepelkina, Karina Makhmudova and Pavel Kovalenko
    Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Anisotropic Materials Used in Rapid Prototyping Technologies
    1_7_8Shamil R. Mukhametzyanov, Ruslan R. Safin, Nour R. Galyavetdinov
    Improvement of Composite Filaments for Extrusive 3D Printing
    1_7_9Alexander S. Tarapanov, Larisa Y. Frolenkova, Tatyana N. Shablinskaia
    The Roughness of the Contact Surfaces of Plastic Cylindrical Gears with a Circular Tooth during Additive Shaping
    1_7_10Masaylo Dmitriy, Igoshin Sergei, Popovich Anatoliy
    Directed Energy Deposition Heat-Resistant Nickel Alloy with Vibration Assisted
    1_7_11A.S. Raznoschikov, D.A. Kochuyev and A.A. Voznesenskaya
    Selective Laser Melting of Stainless Steel with Subsequent Processing
    1_7_13Aleksei Orlov, Evgenii Borisov and Anatoly Popovich
    Numerical Simulation of the Selective Laser Melting Process Using the Example of a Turbine Blade
    1_7_20Глебов Л.А. Пашкеев К.
    Особенности изготовления изделий из титанового сплава Ti-6Al-4V порошковой лазерной наплавкой
    1_7_21Быков В.А. Пашкеев К.
    Повышение ресурса работы инструмента для обработки металлов давлением методами аддитивных технологий
    1_7_22Иванов В.А.
    Микромеханическая модель представительного объема порошкового материла на основе графита
    1_7_23P.A. Lykov, A.B. Liberzon and V.I. Mitin
    Comparison of Powders for Selective Laser Melting from Different Aluminium Alloys Obtained by Gas Atomization
    1_7_24P.A. Lykov, D.A. Zherebtcov and L.V. Radionova
    Processing of Alumina Reinforced EP648 Matrix Composite Prepared by Selective Laser Melting Technology
    1_7_25R.M. Baitimerov and A.O. Shults
    Selective Laser Melting of Non-Spherical AlSi12 Powder
    1_7_26R.M. Baitimerov
    Alumina Reinforced Copper Metal Matrix Composite Produced by Selective Laser Melting Additive Technology