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Перечень принятых докладов
(по состоянию на 10 августа 2022 г.)

Фамилии авторов, название доклада
Секция 1. Материаловедение и физикохимия материалов
1_1_2S. Vinogradova, M. Shaekhov
Modification of the Surface Layers of Stainless Steels by High-Frequency Plasma Treatment
1_1_3Yu.V. Dolgachev , V.N. Pustovoit, A.S. Pivchenkov
Mechanical Properties of Tool Steel after Hardening in a Magnetic Field
1_1_4G.I. Brover, E.E. Shcherbakova
The Carbide Phase Role in the Structure and Properties Formation of the Laser-Irradiated Zones in Steels
1_1_5G.I. Brover, E.E. Shcherbakova
Morphology of Laser Irradiation Spots Zones with Surface Fusion of Non-Ferrous Alloys
1_1_6V.V. Rodaev, S.S. Razlivalova, A.A. Dmitrievskiy
The Preparation and Structural Characterization of CaO Nanofibers
1_1_8Yu.B. Egorova, L.V. Davydenko, I.M. Mamonov
The Strength Diagram for Forecasting the Mechanical Properties of BT6-Alloy Bars with Lamellar Structure
1_1_9O.V. Kudryakov, V.N. Varavka, A.I. Voropaev
Structural Aspects of Thermal Conductivity in Ti-Al-Nb Vacuum Ion-Plasma Coatings
1_1_10A.А. Baron, L.V. Palatkina, S.V. Palatkin
Structural Changes in Primary Dendritic Crystals of Gray Cast Iron during Process Heating of Castings
1_1_11I. Volokitina, D. Kuis, S. Lezhnev
Study of the Pre-Heat Treatment Effect on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Austenitic Stainless Steel Used for the Piston Rings Manufacture
1_1_12R.S. Mikheev, I.E. Kalashnikov, D.V. Slepov
Structure and Properties of Functionally Organized Steel-Aluminum Compositions Manufactured by Liquid and Solid Phase Methods
1_1_13O.V. Zakharov, A.S. Yakovishin, A.V. Zhukov
Correlation Analysis of Roughness Parameters for Various Types of Surfaces
1_1_14A.A. Yusupova, L.R. Baraeva, G.A. Medvedeva
Obtaining a Sulfur Composite Material Based on Carbonate-Containing Waste
1_1_15M. Zorina, M. Karabanalov
Local Misorientations Evolution during the Formation Process of Deformation and Recrystallization Texture in Copper
1_1_17N.Yu. Yurchenko, E.S. Panina, G.A. Salishchev
Microstructure Evolution of a B2-Ordered Refractory AlNbTiVZr0.25 High-Entropy Alloy during Plastic Deformation
1_1_18I.A. Zhenzhurist
Prospects for Ecological Microwave Sintering Technology in the Firing Materials Industry
1_1_21P.P. Poletskov, D.Yu. Alekseev, A.E. Gulin
Development of a Finite Element Model for Calculating the Temperature State of a Steel Sheet during Heating
1_1_22Yu.F. Ivanov, V.V. Shugurov, E.A. Petrikova
Multilayer Nanostructured Boron-Containing Coatings Formed on the Steel by the Electron-Ion-Plasma Method
1_1_23V.N. Malikov, N.D. Tihonskii, V.N. Kozlova
Nondestructive Eddy Current Testing of Ni-Al Alloys Using Computer Numerical Control
1_1_29P.A. Bykov, I.E. Kalashnikov, I.V. Katin
The Effect of Increasing the Content of the Intermetallic Phases on Tribological Properties in Composite Materials Based on Babbit
1_1_31A.I. Dagman, A.I. Zaitsev, N.A. Arutyunyan
Effective Methods for Preventing the Rejection of Cold-Rolled IF, IF-HS Steels due to Steelmaking Defects
1_1_32O.N. Ivanov, M. Zhezhu, M.N. Yaprintsev
New Strategy in Modern Thermoelectric Materials Science Based on Development of Compositions with “Core”-“Shell” Inclusions
1_1_33T. Khaydarov, E. Mastalygina, B. Khaydarov
Preparation and Characterisation of Hollow Copper Oxide Microspheres Synthesized by Spray-Pyrolysis of Salt Solution Aerosols
1_1_36N. Martynenko, O. Rybalchenko, G. Rybalchenko
Study of Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Resistance of Bioresorbable Zn-xMg Alloys
1_1_39M.S. Ozerov, N.D. Stepanov, S.V. Zherebtsov
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of the Boride-Reinforced Al5Nb24Ti40V5Zr26-Based Metal-Matrix Composites
1_1_40S. Buyakova, K. Kayurov, S. Barannikova
The Effect of Thermal Treatment on Structure and Mechanical Properties of Corrosion-Resistant Bimetals with a Stainless Steel Cladding Layer
1_1_41M.G. Vakhitov, D.S. Klygach, O.A. Kudryavtsev
Determination of Inhomogeneities in Composite Materials Using a Waveguide
1_1_42А.S. Tyusenkov, O.R. Latypov
Selection of Welding Electrode to Prevent Contact Corrosion
1_1_43O.R. Latypov, А.S. Tyusenkov
Influence of Oil Field Medium Components on Corrosion Resistance of Pipe Steels
Секция 2. Теория и технология пирометаллургических процессов
1_2_2D.V. Sergeev, M.A. Matveeva, I.V. Chumanov
Physical Modeling of Changes in the Place of the Electrode Metal Delivery during Electroslag Remelting
1_2_3A.G. Upolovnikova, R.R. Shartdinov, A.N. Smetannikov
Equilibrium Content of Cerium in Pipe Steel under CaO-SiO2-Ce2O3-Al2O3-MgO Slag System
1_2_4G. Maratova, D. Assanov, V. Zapasnyy
Measures Aimed at Stabilizing the Gas Cleaning Systems Operation in the Smelting Shop No. 6 of the Aksu Ferroalloy Plant
1_2_5O.V. Zayakin, L. Yu. Mikhailova, A.G. Upolovnikova
Thermodynamic Modeling of Aluminothermal Production of Complex Niobium Alloys
1_2_6A.A. Babintsev, D.I. Golovkin, L.V. Skopova
Potassium Chloride Melt Baddeleyite Concentrate Chlorination Process Study
1_2_7M.V.Potapova, N.A.Kuts, I.M.Potapov
Laboratory Research and Semi-Industrial Testing of Titanomagnetites Deep Metallization
1_2_9I.V. Chumanov, I.A. Alekseev, D.V. Sergeev
Automation and Conversion of A-550 Semi-Industrial Electroslag Furnace to Direct Current
Секция 3. Теория и технология гидрометаллургических процессов
1_3_2A. Kozhonov, Y. Alpiyev, Z. Meimanova
Processing Technology of Mixed Copper and Gold Containing Ores of the Bozymchak Deposit in the Kyrgyz Republic
1_3_4N.V. Nemchinova, Yu.V. Sokolnikovа, E.V. Usatykh
Methods for Neutralizing Cyanide Solutions Formed during Processing of Gold-Bearing Ores
1_3_5D. Bludova, S.V. Mamyachenkov, B.K. Mochalov
Method for Extracting Zinc into Solution during Processing of EAF Dust in an Alkaline Medium
Секция 4. Современные проблемы литейного производства
1_4_1P.O. Bykov, S.A. Zigangirov, Zh.G. Suhanova
Computer Simulation of Technological Preparation of Production of Rolls
1_4_2A.V. Kalyaskin, B.A. Kulakov, A.A. Tokarev
Increasing the Wear Resistance of High Manganese Steels
1_4_3A.S. Pokhorenko, M.S. Varfolomeev, G.I. Shcherbakova
Ceramic Shell Molds for Investment Casting Using Aluminum-Hafnium Binder
1_4_4M.A. Ivanov, V.I. Shvetsov, B.A. Kulakov
Determination of Stresses and Deformations in the Castings with the Free and Hindered Shrinkage
1_4_5M.A. Ivanov
Assessment of the Steel Casting “Flange” Hot Tearing Susceptibility
1_4_6R. Gavariev, K. Gavarieva, Z. Fairuzova
Improving the Quality of Aluminum Castings Produced by Injection Molding
1_4_7R. Gavariev, K. Gavarieva, Z. Fairuzova
On the Issue of Wear Resistance of Molds for Injection Molding
1_4_8O. Krupennikov, E. Kiselev, A. Danilov
Choosing a Rational Method of 3D Printing Waxing by Methods of Additive
1_4_9Hasan Ahmad, I.N. Volnov, V.D. Iluhin
To the Question of Modeling Hot Tearing in Castings
Секция 5. Обработка материалов давлением
1_5_2M.A. Petrov, Tran D. Hung
Analysis of the Geometric Size Effect of the Sheet Blank during Micro Drawing on the Technological Parameters Using FE-Simulation
1_5_3A.V. Czech, D.T. Safarov
Reduction of Spatial Deformations of Crankshaft Forgings in the Processes of Hot Volumetric Stamping
1_5_4L. Ryabicheva, A. Dyadichev
Influence of Active Friction Forces on Deformation Characteristics during Radial-Direct Extrusion of Powder Hollow Parts
1_5_5A. Naizabekov, A. Volokitin, E. Panin
Effect of the Forging Process in Step-Wedge Strikers on the Closure of Internal Defects
1_5_7D.O. Pustovoytov, I.A. Pesin, A.E. Kozhemyakina
Developing Methods Aimed at Increasing Process Ductility of Aluminum Alloy D16 by Asymmetric Rolling
1_5_8O.D. Biryukova, I.A. Pesin, D.O. Pustovoitov
Development of the Asymmetric Accumulative Roll Bonding for Processing Laminated Aluminum Composites with Improved Mechanical Properties
1_5_9V.A. Kharitonov, M.Yu. Usanov, A.M. Pesin
Forming a Structure and Properties of High-Carbon Wire by Radial Displacement Broaching
1_5_10V.A. Kharitonov, M.Yu. Usanov, A.M. Pesin
Producing High-Strength Wire by Improving Drawing Schedules
1_5_12L.I. Polyanskii, Y.N. Loginov, N.A. Babaylov
Repress Cracks in Briquettes of Calcium and Magnesium Oxides. Dry Briquetting
1_5_14Ya. Erisov, I. Petrov, V. Razhivin
Influence of the Diameter and Displacement Step of Punch on the Limiting Angle of Incremental Forming of Steel DPK 30/50
1_5_16D.R. Salikhyanov
An Analysis of the Stress?Strain State at the Interlayer Boundary during Cold Roll Bonding
Секция 6. Теория и технология сварочного производства
1_6_1D. Zhao, N. Vdonin, L. Glebov
Microstructural Transformation and Mechanical Performance of Spot-Welded Dual-Phase (DP) Steel Joints
1_6_2V.G. Shmorgun, V.P. Kulevich, A.I. Bogdanov
Formation of Melted Metal Local Areas in Aluminum – Iron-Based Alloy Explosion Welded Joints
1_6_4P.P. Stepanov
Microstructure and Impact Toughness of Welded Joints Made by Automatic Submerged Welding and Simulated Heat Affected Zone
1_6_6Yu.G. Ludmirskii, S.V. Nescoromniy, S.S. Assaulenko
Bilateral Formation of a Seam during One-Sided Welding of a Tee Joint of a Pipe with a Strip
1_6_7S. Malopheyev, S. Mironov, R. Kaibyshev
Influence of the Material of the Welding Tool on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Friction-Stir Welded Al-Mg Alloy
Секция 7. Аддитивные технологии
1_7_2I. Polozov, A. Gracheva, A. Popovich
Microstructure and Properties of Selective Laser Melted Titanium Orthorhombic Alloy with Mo, Si, C, B, and Y Alloying Elements
1_7_4S.A. Polyakov, A.A. Shatulsky
Development of the Technology of Selective Laser Melting (SLM) and Welding of SLM-Manufactured Samples for Improving of Reliability of the Responsible Assemblies of the Gas Turbine Engine
1_7_5D. Erutin, E. Borisov, V. Sufiiarov
Multi-Scanning in Selective Laser Melting of Fe-Si-C-Cr-B Alloy
1_7_8A. Smirnov, E.V. Kuznetsova, Yu.O. Pristinskiy
Effect of Printing Parameters on the Mechanical Properties of Alumina Ceramic Derived from Ceramic-Polymer Composite Fabricated by the FFF Method