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RusMetalCon-2021 Programme

    English-speaking conference papers were accepted for publication in "Materials Science Forum", (vol. 1052, 2022) journal of Trans Tech Publications Ltd.

    Authors Name/s, papers Title
    Section 1. Materials: design, synthesis and characterization
    1_1_1D.N. Permyakov, V.I. Astashchenko, S.D. Kugultinov
    Technological Justification of the Possibility of Applying Wear-Resistant Coatings for Strengthening Machine Parts
    1_1_2A.N. Baranov
    Composite Chrome Coatings in Aluminum Production
    1_1_3R.S. Mikheev, I.E. Kalashnikov, P.A. Bykov
    Investigation of the Diffusion Zone Formation Mechanisms during the Production of Functional Steel-Aluminium Compositions by Arc Processes
    1_1_4O.S. Molochkova, E.Yu. Zvyagina, N.Yu. Abarovich
    Ensuring the Quality of Self-Tapping Screws by Replacing the Thermochemical Treatment Line
    1_1_5E. Nikolaeva, A. Chapyshev, A. Spitsyn
    Studying the Structure and Properties of the Material of Screws for Spinal Osteosynthesis
    1_1_6A.V. Shaparev, I.A. Savin, S.N. Ptichkin
    Mechanical Similarity Principle for Measurement Metal Hardness
    1_1_7Yu.B. Egorova, L.V. Davydenko, I.M. Mamonov
    Mechanical Properties of Titanium Alloys at Operating and Pressure Shaping Temperatures Depending on the Aluminum and Molybdenum Equivalents
    1_1_8O.V. Kudryakov, V.N. Varavka, I.V. Kolesnikov
    Self-Healing of PVD-Coatings
    1_1_9I.S. Safronov, I.V. Ushakov, V.I. Minaev
    Influence of Environment at Laser Processing on Microhardness of Amorphous-Nanocrystalline Metal Alloy
    1_1_10I.F. Uvarova
    Laser-Induced Vacancies-Relief Ordered Structures on Titanium Surface
    1_1_11V.I. Astaschenko, G.F. Mukhametzyanova, A.G. Shagiev
    Criteria for Evaluating the Manufacturability of Steels when Cutting with an Edge Tool
    1_1_12D. Maiorov, Y. Velyaev, K. Yakovlev
    Effect of Surface Tension of Intrapore Fluid on Physicochemical Properties of Al2O3•nH2O
    1_1_14Д.Н. Полозов, А.С. Куцемир, В.М. Коломин, А. Ю. Ненилина
    Разработка и изготовление многослойных керамических плат на базе отечественных материалов по технологии LTCC
    1_1_15V.N. Varavka, O.V. Kudryakov, I.S. Morozkin
    Mechanisms of Plastic Deformation during Laser Heat Treatment of ARMCO Pure Iron
    1_1_16O.A. Nasibullina
    Study of the Behavior of SS34 in a Free and Heat-Treated State
    1_1_17M.P. Kuz’min, M.Yu. Kuz’mina, M. Ravichandran
    Determination of The Thermodynamic Stability of Intermetallic Compounds in Technical Aluminum
    1_1_19V.S. Volosatova, A.S. Kuz’mina, M.P. Kuz’min
    The Impact of Ferro-and Superparamagnetic Nickel Particles on the Magnetism of YBCO Superconducting Ceramics
    1_1_20N.A. Svinkin, A.S. Kuz’mina, M.P. Kuz’min
    Transport Properties of Ferromagnet/Superconductor and Superparamagnet/Superconductor Heterostructures Based on Ni/YBCO
    1_1_21E. Zenkov, L. Tsvik
    Modeling the Structural Strength of Materials on Disk Laboratory Specimens
    1_1_22I.V. Ushakov, A.D. Oshorov
    Viscosity of Microdestruction of Multilayer Composite and Method of Its Revealing
    1_1_23Iu. Savchenko, A. Shapoval, I. Kuziev
    Modeling of High Module Power Sources Systems Safety Processes
    1_1_24V. Kulynych, A. Shapoval, V. Dragobetskii
    Hard Alloys Recycling as a Promising Direction of Technological Equipment for Machine-Building Production
    1_1_25A.A. Hlybov, E.L. Vorozheva
    Studying on the Internal Quality of Steel at Various Stages of Production: Slab-Rolled Metal
    1_1_27D. Maiorov, Yu. Velyaev
    Structural and Surface Properties of Silicon Dioxides Obtained by Extraction from Sulfuric Acid Solutions of Nepheline Decomposition
    1_1_28С.В. Коротовская, О.В. Сыч, Н.С. Новоскольцев
    Исследование структурообразующих процессов в низкоуглеродистых судостроительных сталях
    1_1_29E.D. Nazarova, V.Yu. Filin, I.A. Galchun
    On the Problem of Getting a Correct Crack Shape in Fracture Toughness Specimens of Low-Carbon Steel
    1_1_30A.V. Brover, G.I. Brover, I.A. Topolskaya
    Physical Aspects of Laser Steel Processing in the Magnetic Field
    1_1_31V.N. Pustovoit, Yu.V. Dolgachev
    Interaction of Ferromagnetically Ordered Clusters with Dislocations in Austenite and Twinning
    1_1_33D.D. Vlasov, N.A. Tatus, A.N. Polilov
    The Effect of Hole Manufacturing Technology on the Strength of Orthogonally Reinforced Fibrous Composites
    1_1_34F.V. Vodolazskiy, A.G. Illarionov, M.A. Ryzhkov
    Evolution of Phase Composition and Thermal Expansion during Heating of VT23 Titanium Alloy
    1_1_35A.I. Bogdanov, V.P. Kulevich, V.G. Shmorgun
    FEM Simulation of Sclerometric Test of Nickel Aluminide Layered Coatings
    1_1_36D.P. Sherstyuk, V.E. Zhivulin, D.A. Vinnik
    Correlation of the Chemical Composition and Structural Characteristics in the Partially Substituted Spinel Ferrites
    1_1_37M.E. Goshkoderya, T.I. Bobkova, M.V. Staritsyn
    Investigation of Composite Coatings of the Ti/TiB2 System Sprayed by the Microplasma Method
    1_1_39S.A. Bogomolova, I.V. Muravyeva
    Methods for the Determination of Chloride-Ion in Soils from the Territory of Nearby Metallurgical Enterprises: Guidelines for Selection
    1_1_40Yu.A. Napol’skikh, A.A. Shoppert, I.V. Loginova
    The Optimization of Sc Recovery from Red Mud Obtained by Water-Leaching and Bauxite-Sintering Product
    1_1_41L.G. Kolyada, A.P. Ponomarev, E.V. Tarasyuk
    On the Issue of Safety of Multilayer Protective Angle Pieces for Metal Products Packaging
    1_1_42N.N. Klochkova, A.V. Obuchova, A.N. Protsenko
    Specially Designed Induction Heating System for Ball Hardening
    1_1_43V.N. Malikov, A.V. Ishkov
    Using Ultra-Miniature Eddy Current Transducer for Searching for Corrosion Defects in Steel Pipes
    1_1_44I.A. Nasyrov, D.D. Fazullin, G.V. Mavrin
    Influence of Particle Size Distribution of Wood Waste Pyrolysis Product on Productivity and Purification Efficiency
    1_1_45N.V. Nemchinova, A.V. Tuzov
    Issues of Operating Induction Furnaces in the Context of Mounting Prebaked Anodes in Aluminium Electrolysis Cells
    1_1_46M.V. Konstantinova, E.A. Guseva, NA. Astafeva
    The Use of Silicon Production Waste as an Effective Additive in the Manufacture and Machining of Various Materials
    1_1_47I.V. Pchelnikov, A.I. Vergunov, A.Y. Cherkesov
    Production Tests of the Don Water Purification and Disinfection Technology
    1_1_48M.V. Shubina, E.S. Makhotkina
    Analysis of the Leaching Stage Effect on the Vanadium Extraction from Technogenic Raw Materials
    1_1_49K.P. Pavlova, I.A. Solizoda, D.A. Vinnik
    Synthesis, Structure and Properties of Barium Ferrites BaFe11M1O19 (M= Al, Ti and Mn) Ceramics
    1_1_50Yu. Bakhracheva
    Investigation of the Effect of Thermocyclic Treatment on the Mechanical Properties of Steel
    1_1_51M.D. Kazyaev, E.V. Kiselev, A.M. Vokhmyakov
    Continuous Uncooled Walking Beam Furnace for Copper Alloy Cast Blank Heating
    1_1_52A.M. Kokurov
    Composite and Metal Structural Elements Joint Strength
    1_1_60Солизода Иброхими Ашурали
    Влияние Al3+ на структуру и свойства гексаферрита бария
    Section 2. Technologies of pyrometallurgical processes
    1_2_1N.V. Nemchinova, A.Yu. Lazko
    How the Chemistry of Raw Materials Affects Aluminum Produced in Cells with Prebaked Anodes
    1_2_2A.V. Nikanorov, E.Yu. Azarov
    Ducat Deposit Concentrate Pyrometallurgical Processing Technology
    1_2_3S.S. Belskii, I.I. Aponchuk, L.V. Molokova
    Phase Diagrams of Me-O-C Systems to Study Metallurgical Processes
    1_2_4A.A. Tyutrin, A.A. Vasilyev
    Investigation of the Impurities Formation during the Silicon Melt Crystallization
    1_2_5V.A. Salina, V.I. Zhuchkov
    Study of Manganese Recovery in the CaO-SiO2-MgO-Al2O3-MnO-Fe2O3 System by Thermodynamic Simulation
    1_2_6V.A. Sokolnikov, A.A. Tyutrin
    Protection of Сast Iron Sections of Gas-Collecting Bell of Soderberg Electrolysis Cell
    1_2_7V.A. Bigeev, M.V. Potapova, I.V. Makarova
    Research of Ferronickel Manufacturing Process by Selective Reduction of Poor Iron-Chromium-Nickel Ores
    1_2_8V.A. Bigeev, M.V. Potapova, I.V. Makarova
    Experimental Determination of the Main Parameters of the Refining Process of Rough Ferronickel, Obtained by Iron-Chromium-Nickel Selective Reduction
    1_2_9D.K. Egiazaryan, A.V. Sivtsov, M.M. Tsimbalist
    Laboratory Assessment of the Technogenic Raw Materials Briquettes Effect on the Arc Furnace Electric Mode
    1_2_10B.P. Yur`ev, V.A. Dudko
    Impact of Initial Titanium Magnetite Ore Material Composition on Fluxed Pellet Metallurgical Properties
    1_2_11B.P. Yur`ev, V.A. Dudko
    Process Development for Integrated Use of Metallurgical Production Wastes
    1_2_12V.I. Bobkov, M.V. Chernovalova, A.M. Sokolov
    Mathematical Models for an Energy Intensive Multistage Roasting Process of Pelletized Industrial Waste from Apatite-Nepheline Ores
    1_2_13A.A. Tyutrin, A.E. Burdonov, K.S. Bushuev
    Expanding the Application Scope of Fine Dust from Petroleum Coke Calcining Furnaces in Aluminum Production
    1_2_14D.R. Ganin, D.A. Dolganov, E.A. Fuks
    Technology and Equipment for Sintering of Iron-Ore Materials by Adding Brown Iron Ores as Pulp during Sinter Mix Pelletizing at Ural Steel, JSC
    1_2_20Смирнов К., Гамов П.А. / Smirnov K., Gamov P.A.
    Пирометаллургическое восстановление и разделение железа в ильменитовом концентрате
    1_2_21Адилов Г., Рощин В.Е., Поволоцкий А.Д. / Adilov G., Roshchin V.E., Povolockij A.D.
    Переработка медеплавильных шлаков с получением востребованных продуктов металлургического и нефтяного производств
    1_2_22Косдаулетов Н., Рощин В.Е. / Kosdauletov N., Roshchin V.E.
    Пирометаллургическое отделение оксидов марганца железомарганцевой руды от железа и фосфора
    1_2_23Сулеймен Б., Салихов С.П. / Suleyman B., Salikhov S.P.
    Возможность селективного восстановления железа и фосфора оолитовых руд
    Section 3. Technologies of hydrometallurgical processes
    1_3_1N.V. Nemchinova, A.N. Baranov, A.E. Barauskas
    Choosing the Reagent to Leach Fluorine From Spent Pot Lining of Aluminum Electrolysis Cells
    1_3_3L.V. Sokolov, V.G. Lobanov, O.B. Kolmachikhina
    Methodological Specificities for Researching Electrophysical Activation of Zinc Cake Leaching
    1_3_4A.V. Nikanorov
    Improvement of the Technology of Fluorine Recovery from Solid Waste of Primary Aluminum Production
    Section 4. Modern problems of foundry productionа
    1_4_1R.V. Gavariev, K.N. Gavarieva
    Features of Casting Magnesium Alloys in Chill Mold
    1_4_2M.G. Potapov, B.B. Zaritskiy, N.A. Kuts
    The Effect of Cooling Rate on Structure, Basic Mechanical and Special Properties of Complex Alloyed Manganese Cast Iron
    1_4_3M.G. Potapov, B.B. Zaritskii, N.A. Kuts
    Development and Introduction of a New Composition of Wear-Resistant Cast Iron with Improved Performance Properties for Castings of Pump Parts
    1_4_4R.V. Gavariev, K.N. Gavarieva
    On the Issue of Casting Copper Alloys in Chill Mold
    1_4_5A.A. Tokarev, D.A. Boldyrev, B.A. Kulakov, L.I. Popova
    Control of Compacted Graphite Iron Production Process by Using the Thermal Analysis System
    1_4_10I.A. Alekseev
    A numerical simulation of metal droplet transfer during direct current electroslag remelting using the finite volume method
    1_4_11V.V. Seduhin
    On the titanium carbide introduction into stainless steel and its effect on the mechanical properties of cast metal
    Section 5. Metal forming: rolling, stamping, forging, pressing
    1_5_1A. Naizabekov, S. Lezhnev, E. Panin
    Study of the Influence of Geometric Parameters on the Destruction Possibility of Aluminium Alloys during Pressing in Equal-Channel Step Matrix
    1_5_2S.M. Belskiy, I.I. Shopin
    Local Thickenings and Thinnings of Hot Rolled Strips
    1_5_3V.N. Shinkin
    Bauschinger Effect, Masing Principle and Hencky Theorem for Bending Moment at Repeated Alternating-Sign Bending of Steel Sheet
    1_5_6V.I. Bobkov, E.V. Morgunova
    Analysis of the Granulometric Composition of the Feedstock Influence on Mechanical Properties of Iron Ore Pellets
    1_5_8A. Volokitin, I. Volokitina, E. Panin
    New Die Design for High-Pressure Torsion
    1_5_9S. Lezhnev, A. Naizabekov, E. Panin
    Radial-Shear Rolling as a New Technological Solution for Recycling Bar Scrap of Ferrous Metals
    1_5_10Торгонин К.С., Широков В.В.
    Исследование причин возникновения утонения при штамповке отводов
    1_5_11Фаизов С.Р., Радионова Л.В., Сарафанов А.Е.
    Проектирование оснастки для прямого прессования проволоки на основе моделирования и прочностного анализа
    1_5_12L.V. Radionova, R.A. Lisovskiy, A.S. Svistun and I.N. Erdakov
    Change in Mechanical Properties During Drawing of Wire from Ni 99.6
    1_5_13Громов Д.В., Радионова Л.В., Свистун А.С.
    Компьютерное моделирование в программе QForm валковой формовки профиля из круглой сварной трубы
    1_5_14Сарафанов А.Е., Радионова Л.В.
    Применение роликового волочения при изготовлении простых и фасонных профилей из труднодеформируемых сплавов
    1_5_15Перевозчиков Д.В.
    Исследование кинетики роста зерна в гильзах из стали марки 08Х18Н10Т
    Section 6. Technologies of welding production
    1_6_2E.D. Kozhukhar, A.R. Ruban
    Design and Manufacturing Technology of Round Samples for Studying the Effect of Defects on the Mechanical Properties of Welds
    1_6_3V.I. Kuz`min, V.I. Lysak, E.V. Kuz`min
    Kinetics of the Formation of Bimetallic Compounds and the Distribution of Energy Components in the Explosion Welding Process
    1_6_10Матросов А.А. / Matrosov A.A.
    Изготовление сварных тройников с композитным сварным швом
    1_6_11M.A. Fedorov, V.V. Khodchenkov, A.A. Stroganov
    Computer simulation of temperature fields to assess the grate formation during laser-hybrid welding of large-diameter pipes
    1_6_12A.I. Romantsov, V.A. Skorobulatov, S.I. Seliverstov
    The Influence of the focus position during laser-hybrid welding on the location of weld defects
    1_6_13M.A. Ivanov, A.I. Romantsov, K.V. Lozovoy
    Investigation of parameters of laser-hybrid pipe welding process on the welded joint quality
    Section 7. Additive manufacturing
    1_7_1Н.М. Сгонов
    Аддитивное производство изделий из высокоэффективной керамики
    1_7_2M.S. Anosov, D.A. Ryabov, D.A. Shatagin
    Assessment of Fracture Mechanisms and Temperature of Ductile-Brittle Transition of Metals Obtained on the Basis of 3D Printing Using Neural Network Modeling and Fractal Analysis
    1_7_5D. Shatagin, M. Anosov, A. Galkin, N. Klochkova
    Optimization of 3D Printing Modes for Electric Arc Surfacing Using a Digital Twin of the Process
    1_7_6I.A. Dyakov, I.S. Safronov
    Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Electrolytic Chromium Plating
    1_7_7T. Zimogliadova, K. Skorokhod, D. Cherkasov
    Structural Features of Ni-Based Self-Fluxing Alloy Protective Layers, Produced by Non-Vacuum Electron Beam Cladding, Reinforced with Titanium-Based Particles
    1_7_10Быков В.А., Радионова Л.В.
    Исследование износостойких покрытий, сформированных лазерной и электродуговой наплавкой
    1_7_11Глебов Л.А., Радионова Л.В.
    Оценка влияния траекторий нанесения порошкового материала сплава Ti6Al4V при прямом лазерном сплавлении на механические свойства при повышенных температурах
    1_7_12V.A. Ivanov
    Micromechanical model of compaction powder materials
    1_7_13Зараменских С.Е., Сиверин О.О.
    Определение прочностных свойств при испытании на срез и сжатие образцов из PLA и ABS, изготовленных методом FDM